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Chloride Hexidine Sanitizer

Chloride Hexidine Sanitizer

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Chloride Hexidine Sanitizer is based on 85 vol% alcohol or 0.5 % Chloride Hexidine, which effectively kills microorganisms. During the use of Chloride Hexidine, a long-lasting effect (hours) is achieved, which supplements the alcohol’s fast, but brief, effect on the skin flora. Through regular use, chloride hexidine is incorporated into the skin’s horny layer, which extends the effect. Chloride Hexidine Sanitizer is developed according to the latest information on disinfection and skin care, and to compensate for the harshness on the skin, the product contains glycerin, which nurtures.

1000 ml dispenser


Alcohol Denat., Aqua, Chlorhexidine Diglucanate.
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